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Little Lies


Publisher: Harlequin
Publication Date: 05/01/2014
Format: e-book
My Rating: 5 Stars
A Novella
In this riveting prequel novella to her novel Little Mercies, New York Times bestselling author Heather Gudenkauf explores how even the smallest lies can have far-reaching consequences.
When the body of a woman is discovered in a local park—with her bewildered four-year-old son sitting beside her—veteran social worker Ellen Moore is called in to assist in the police investigation. Positioned beneath a statue of Leto, the goddess of motherhood, the crime is weighted with meaning and, Ellen discovers, remarkably similar to one from a decade past.
Ellen's professional duty is to protect the child, but she's not equipped to contend with a killer. As she races to connect the dots, she knows her time is running out. And the stakes are high: if she fails, another mother is sure to make the ultimate sacrifice.

My Review

Heather Gudenkauf’s LITTLE LIES is a short novella, a prequel for the upcoming riveting LITTLE MERCIES. A story of a social worker, Ellen—a woman balancing her personal and work life as a mother of three, with a husband, and a complex career.
Having read an advanced reading copy of LITTLE MERCIES (a 5-star winner), prior to LITTLE LIES, immediately purchased the novella, as was so intrigued with the main character, Ellen, and wanted to learn more about her background. LITTLE LIES introduces Ellen, as she is called to assist with an investigation. A child has lost his mother in a brutal murder. The body was found beneath a park statue which is similar to a murder thirteen years ago—with a little boy left behind. Full of suspense, each can be standalone reads; however, highly recommend reading both books, as you will not be disappointed. I love novels featuring social workers, as they are so undervalued, with huge responsibilities— making for an emotional, and gripping novel.
Well done!






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