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  • Writer's pictureJudith D Collins

Don't Look Back

ISBN: 9780312626839
Publication Date: 08/10/14
Publisher: St Martin's Press
Format: e-book
My Rating: 4 Stars
Eve Hardaway, newly single mother of one, is on a trip she’s long dreamed of—a rafting and hiking tour through the jungles and mountains of Oaxaca, in southern Mexico. Eve wanders off the trail, to a house in the distance with a menacing man in the yard beyond it, throwing machetes at a human-shaped target.
Disturbed by the sight, Eve moves quickly and quietly back to her group, taking care to avoid being seen. As she creeps along, she finds a broken digital camera, marked with the name Teresa Hamilton. Later that night, in a rarely used tourist cabin, she finds a discarded prescription bottle—also with the name Teresa Hamilton. From the camera’s memory card, Eve discovers Teresa Hamilton took a photo of that same menacing looking man in the woods. Teresa Hamilton has since disappeared.
Now the man in the woods is after whoever was snooping around his house. With a violent past and deadly mission, he will do anything to avoid being discovered. A major storm wipes out the roads and all communication with the outside world. Now the tour group is trapped in the jungle with a dangerous predator with a secret to protect. With her only resource her determination to live, Eve must fight a dangerous foe and survive against incredible odds—if she's to make it back home alive.

My Review

A special thank you to St. Martin's Press and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
Gregg Hurwitz’s DON’T LOOK BACK is an action packed thriller on a journey with Eve, through the jungles and mountains in southern Mexico.
Eve was to go on an anniversary trip with husband, until Rick found a younger woman, so Eve decides the getaway trip to this lodge was just what she needs. However, at the lodge, she stumbles upon a lost digital camera while on a jungle trek and learns later it belongs to Theresa, a woman which is missing.
In addition, Eve sees a mysterious man near a hut in the jungle and starts the scare of her life. A terrorist, possibly, or does this man have anything to do with the missing woman? When she finds more photos in the camera of this same man among other things, she begins to wonder what gives.
The tour group is trapped in the jungle with a predator, with one obstacle after another as this group fights for survival, and Eve is driven to return alive to her son. What should have been the trip of a lifetime and excitement, turns into a deadly fight for survival, and one that will change her life forever.
The novel kept me on the edge the entire book, as adrenaline runs high, recalling all the nights I was stuck out alone on a hiking trail or an eight hour biking trek caught in the woods in the middle of rain and thunderstorms. The same trail which later several women were raped and killed.
Wow, would I love to be caught out in the jungle with the hot and good looking author! A gripping novel of survival and death full of suspense, grabbing you from beginning to end!






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