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March On

march on

By David Johnson
ISBN: 9781477827031
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
Publication Date: 12/9/2014
Format: Other
My Rating: 5 Stars
Series: Tucker Series #4 Top Books of 2014 In the fourth book of the Tucker series, Tucker’s grandson March is at a crossroads as he tries to reconcile his troubled past with his hopeful future. Debbie has given March her heart completely, and though he loves her desperately, he struggles to fully commit to her.
Meanwhile, it seems as if evil is stalking March’s family. An old nemesis comes looking for him and, frustrated in his search, takes Tucker hostage. March’s sister, April, is also in peril after her workplace crush turns ugly and she unwittingly finds herself in harm’s way, becoming the victim of an unspeakable crime.
Can March rescue Tucker, help April, and finally put his past to rest, so he and Debbie can find the happiness they both deserve?

My Review

A special thank you to Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

A Must Read Series! It is rare to discover a series with each book as dynamic as the previous one, and all 5 Stars+. David Johnson speaks from the heart and has created a suspenseful, compelling, and inspiring series, with flawed and beautiful characters which come alive; detailed and highly visual..
As we pick up from the previous book, March is still working on coming to terms with his dark past, his blindness, and the psychological damage of his life on the run in Vegas. Debbie, his finance also has a disability; however, she is always there to provide support and love (these two make a great pair)—each with their own insecurities.
April is now in college and takes on a part time job, caring for a family as a nanny, her former counselor at Spirit Lake, James with his twin sons, and a wife dying of cancer. April, looking for a father figure, is falling for her new boss, which leads to her infatuation which is one sided. Plus readers learn the identity of March’s real father and what a connection of the past.
In the meantime, one night turns into a nightmare for the Tucker family, when a past comes calling to collect for March, which will ultimately affect Tucker, Smiley, April, and March for some twists and turns which will keep you on the edge of your seat, with lots of humor to keep you laughing.
Smiley gets caught in the crossfire, Tucker is taken hostage, and her past comes back to haunt her, April makes wrong choices, and March has to face his demons once again head on, for some sizzling family drama.
Has Tucker met her match and can she escape this mad man? Will Debbie and March find their happily ever after? Will the preacher help Tucker, March, Smiley and April? A possible future connection with the preacher and April? Will Smiley and Tucker remain living together? Since we do not hear much from August, will we learn what he has been up to in the next book (possibly an exciting new legal career and some intriguing cases, and since this is such a diverse group, possibly gay)? Cannot wait, as sure there are more surprises coming from this eclectic southern family.
MARCH ON, Book Four, is the most suspenseful and fast-paced, thus far; a page-turner, with a cross over to crime-psychological thriller, for a roller coaster ride of emotions and intensity.
Last but not least, I enjoyed the author’s special dedication of MARCH ON, to violent trauma victims and with his message for hope:
“What happened to you does not define you. You are much more than that. If you are reading this, you are indeed a survivor. Never give up your journey of recovering your life. Healing will come. Allow your fear to give way to trust, your doubt to faith and your resentment to forgiveness.”
The Tucker Series would make for an ideal book club choice, as so many what ifs; fun exploring possibilities, for engaging group discussions.
Looking forward to his next in the series, #5 coming 2015, "Who Will Hear Me When I Cry."
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