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  • Writer's pictureJudith D Collins

The Terrorist's Holiday

ISBN: 9781497662940

Publisher: Open Road Media

Publication Date: 3/10/2015

Format: e-book

My Rating: 3 Stars

A New York City homicide detective races against the clock to stop a terrorist attack on a world-famous Catskills resort during the Passover holiday When NYPD lieutenant Barry Wintraub starts investigating the murder of a Jewish Defense League member, he stumbles on a plot to blow up the New Prospect resort in the Catskills, where over one thousand of Israel’s top financial supporters will be celebrating Passover with their families and the guest of honor, an important Israeli general. Wintraub’s partner and captain aren’t convinced that the conspiracy exists, but the owner of the New Prospect acknowledges the detective’s hunch and invites him and his family to stay for the celebration. The Terrorist’s Holiday presents a unique take on extremist plots—the two terrorists, a handsome young man and his beautiful girlfriend, are morally challenged by what they are about to do . . . and they realize, perhaps too late, that an even more deadly threat awaits all who visit the world-class resort.

My Review

A special thank you to Open Road Integrated Media and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Andrew Neiderman delivers THE TERRORIST’S HOLIDAY,a fast-paced multi-layered suspense with a psychological twist, as readers view into the minds of two sides of Muslim and Jewish confrontations. A Jewish NYC detective, Barry Wintraub suspects a conspiracy, while investigating the murder of a young Jewish radical (Jewish Defense League member) Daniel Goldstein. He does not have all the clues, but enough to concer of an assassination attack on Israeli military hero who has agreed to speak at a fundraiser to be held at the New Prospect resort in the Catskills during Passover. With the aid of an activist rabbi he secures an invitation to a celebration at the world-class Catskills resort. Over three thousand influential Jews are to be in attendance, to hear an Israeli war hero speak. Wintraub’s partner and captain aren’t convinced that the conspiracy exists, but the owner of the New Prospect wants to be prepared, and extends an invitation to the family for the celebration. After agreeing to spend the holiday at the resort with his wife and kids, Wintraub continues to search for the terrorists—and uncovers a plot much more terrifying and dangerous than he suspected. Even though I enjoyed the complexity and suspense, and have read some of Neiderman’s previous novels, The Devil’s Advocate and The Judgement Day, I chose this selection, primarily due to the beautiful Catskills’ setting--as a consultant for the hospitality business (resorts/hotels), having worked with clients in this quaint area, which I adore. Will have to agree with some of the other reviewers, not a lot of mention of the quaint area, and the book seemed a little dated. Maybe due to the content subject matter not being as interesting to me as his other legal thrillers. Andrew is quite talented, a master storyteller; however, this one was not for me.

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