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All the Single Ladies

Publisher: William & Morrow
Publication Date: 6/9/2015
Format: Other
My Rating: 5 Stars
The perennial New York Times bestselling author returns with an emotionally resonant novel that illuminates the power of friendship in women’s lives, and is filled with her trademark wit, poignant and timely themes, sassy, flesh-and-blood characters, and the steamy Southern atmosphere and beauty of her beloved Carolina Lowcountry.
Few writers capture the complexities, pain, and joy of relationships—between friends, family members, husbands and wives, or lovers—as beloved New York Times bestselling author Dorothea Benton Frank. In this charming, evocative, soul-touching novel, she once again takes us deep into the heart of the magical Lowcountry where three amazing middle-aged women are bonded by another amazing woman’s death.
Through their shared loss they forge a deep friendship, asking critical questions. Who was their friend and what did her life mean? Are they living the lives they imagined for themselves? Will they ever be able to afford to retire? How will they maximize their happiness? Security? Health? And ultimately, their own legacies?
A plan is conceived and unfurls with each turn of the tide during one sweltering summer on the Isle of Palms. Without ever fully realizing how close they were to the edge, they finally triumph amid laughter and maybe even newfound love.

About the Author

Frank, Dorothea Benton is a best-selling author, public speaker, nonprofit fundraiser.
Her first novel, SULLIVANS ISLAND (Berkley Publishing 2000) debuted on the NY Times list at number nine and went back to press over twenty five times, has well over one million copies in print and can be found in ten foreign languages.
Her subsequent novels PLANTATION (Berkley 2002), ISLE OF PALMS (Berkley 2003), SHEM CREEK (Berkley 2004), PAWLEYS ISLAND (Berkley 2005), FULL OF GRACE (Wm. Morrow 2006), BULLS ISLAND (Wm. Morrow 2007), THE CHRISTMAS PEARL and LAND OF MANGO SUNSETS (Wm. Morrow 2008), LOWCOUNTRY SUMMER (Wm. Morrow 2009), RETURN TO SULLIVANS ISLAND (Wm. Morrow 2010), FOLLY BEACH (Wm. Morrow 2011), PORCH LIGHTS (Wm. Morrow 2012), THE LAST ORIGINAL WIFE (Wm. Morrow 2013) were all NY Times bestsellers and may also be found in various foreign languages.
She is the recipient of an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from The College of Charleston and a Doctorate of Fine Arts from Bloomfield College. Ms. Frank is an avid cook, enjoys fly fishing, reading and travel and is a frequent speaker on the creative process for students of all ages. She divides her time between the Lowcountry of South Carolina and New Jersey. Website Twitter

My Review

Dorothea Benton Frank returns with laugh out loud entertaining, ALL THE SINGLE LADIES, a sassy, witty, and hilarious Southern Carolina Lowcountry gem. Three amazing middle-aged women are bonded by one woman’s death, for a "must pack" beach bag, summer beach read! If you are a female in the 50+ range, you will relate and devour this one. I am unfortunately in this group. As the book opens, we meet Lisa a nurse, who works in geriatrics and her favorite patient is dying of cancer. Divorced, in her early fifties, with a grown daughter, she barely makes ends meet; however, loves her job and her work. She is having all sorts of drama with her daughter, Marianne living in Colorado and involved in some things she considers rather questionable; currently estranged. Her no good ex-husband is of little help. Later she even loses the house she is living in. Lisa develops a friendship with Carrie and Suzanne, the two devoted friends who were always by Kathy's side. When Kathy dies, the three woman develop a bond while trying to take care of Kathy’s affairs. However, when they begin to clear out her house, they suspect her landlord is stealing furniture and things from her house. As they work together to solve the past of Kathy, they bond in so many ways as each of them have their own issues, divorced, and over 50. From financial, dating, men, illness, clothes, sex, money, kids, and most of all eating Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, and eating LowCountry southern (bad/good)foods, and drinking wine. (had to laugh, as one minute they are worried about food causing cancer and the next minute they are eating sugar). Suzanne’s ninety-nine-year-old grandmother, was a hoot and they move in with her, taking turns taking care of her. I loved all the women living together, like The Golden Girls. She was a total riot, and had lots of wisdom and fun with the ladies. Carrie’s greedy ex-stepchildren were selfish and greedy and of course, Lisa’s mom and dad always stuck their nose into her business. In the process of working on the mystery behind Kathy’s life, the women bond over clothes, food, booze, sex new relationships, and most of all friendship. A long-time DBF fan, I listened to the audioook and Robin Miles, as always was excellent! I could listen to her all day. Dorothea Benton Frank and Robin Miles are a match made in heaven. I always pre-order, knowing there is much in store, and this pair never disappoints! Listening, is like talking with girlfriends, over a glass of wine or coffee, with southern sass and great one liners, keeping you entertained for hours. (You want it to continue). Highly Recommend audiobook, in order to get the full southern "bless your heart" experience. ALL THE SINGLE LADIES may be one of my favorites thus far. Being in this same age range, have had similar conversations with friends over some of the same topics--can relate. As divorced single women of this age as we approach social security, it is a scary thought, thinking we will be working until we are 90. Of course, better poor doing what we want, than taking care of an old man! I also loved the part about being carded at the store one day, and then, in a blink of an eye, gravity hits; the clerk is asking you if you want the senior discount? (or worse, not asking, just giving it to you). A must read!. Put this one at the top of the summer beach chick-lit reading list! (Great cover). Would make for a great Krispy Kreme Doughnut commercial.
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