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  • Writer's pictureJudith D Collins

Dark Fissures

Rick Cahill #3

ISBN: 9781608092277

Publisher: Oceanview Publishing

Publication Date: 12/6/2016

Format: Hardcover

My Rating: 4 Stars Private Investigator Rick Cahill fears the next knock on his door will be a cop holding a warrant for his arrest. For murder. La Jolla Chief of Police Tony Moretti is convinced Rick killed a missing person. No body has been found, but the evidence that’s piling up says murder and it all points to Rick. With Moretti on his tail and the bank about to foreclose on his house, Rick takes a paying case that will stave off the bank, but pits him against Moretti and the La Jolla Police Department. Brianne Colton, a beautiful country singer, is convinced her estranged husband’s suicide was really murder. Rick is unconvinced, but the mortgage has to be paid. Each new piece of evidence convinces him she’s right. He breaks his number one rule and falls for Brianne even, as he begins to question her motives.

As Moretti cinches the vise tighter, with Rick unable to trust the FBI, evil forces emerge from the shadows who will do anything, including torture and murder, to stop Rick from uncovering the truth.

My Review

A special thank you to Oceanview and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

PI Rick Cahill is still struggling with his demons in Matt Coyle’s latest, character driven complex crime series- DARK FISSURES. (Cover love)!

From Yesterday’s Echo #1 and Night Tremors, #2--- Cahill learns decisions have consequences, no matter how small. How long will he be haunted and will he ever escape the past?

Rick Cahill has suffered many tragedies in his life. He had been unlucky in love. He had been shot and a couple of times and survived. He had bones broken and bent. However, he could still walk. His dog had been poisoned and shot at; fortunately, he is still his faithful friend and remains by his side (love this dog). He has a job and a home (for now). Plus after this book, he has a country song about him.

Will the past ever stay buried? Will he ever be free? He is always under the radar.

La Jolla Chief of Police Tony Moretti is still out for him. He knows why. He knew the weight of the badge. How it could find a crack in your character and chip away at it until a dark fissure ran through your soul. He had been stripped of his badge long ago. He had lost his friends, his job. He had found the truth.

“Sometimes the truth is what everyone thinks it is.”

He had worked for a large agency in LaJolla. Now he worked on his own. He always looked over his shoulder for a knock on his door from a cop holding a warrant for his arrest-Murder.

He had to keep going in order to pay his mortgage. His office now is Muldoon’s Steak House in LaJolla. He had spent seven years as its manager and now it got him a table in the bar or dining room whenever he had to meet with a client.

His new client is Brianne Colton, a beautiful country singer. She is convinced her estranged husband’s suicide was really murder. She wants the truth. The worst- Jim was a cop!

She reminded him of his own wife being murdered eleven years ago and getting away with it. He was her last hope. His problems could land him in jail for the rest of his life. Everyone had problems. Her instincts about Moretti were good.

He had already caught him in a coverup once. Now Brianne says Jim never trusted corrupt, Chief Moretti. Why would someone kill her husband and stage it as a suicide?

He had been a Navy SEAL. They do not quit. He would only quit if he was asked to do something dishonorable or his superior was behaving dishonorably and Jim could not stop him.

Rick knew SEAL’s were the best. The toughest. Mentally and physically. Jim had led the Crime Impact Team. (CIT) He was an independent contractor for the CIA. Five days before Jim died, on his phone bill was the number to the FBI office. Why?

Was Moretti corrupt enough to murder someone to keep things quiet? Maybe Jim Colton had found the leverage Rick needed to keep Moretti away from his front door.

The missing phone. The call to the FBI. Moretti. He takes the case. Each new piece of evidence convinces him she’s right. He breaks his number one rule and falls for Brianne, even as he begins to question her motives.

Hi-adrenaline, fast paced, a series with non-stop danger and action and a troubled PI, to love. What an adventure! You put yourself in Rick’s place and sympathize with his situation. A nice balance between character and action. They compliment one another, as Cahill’s character shines through.

As I have mentioned from the first book, Coyle is a talented author to follow! Powerful plot planning, and rich character development.

Fans of Michael Connelly (Harry Bosch), David Baldacci, and J. Carson Black (Cyril Landry) will enjoy this well-written series. Highly recommend reading all the books in the series, for the full background of the highly entertaining Rick Cahill. Can't wait for the next ride.

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Rick Cahill Series

Advance Praise

“...satisfying hard-boiled adventure.” Publishers Weekly

“Matt Coyle has done it again.” La Jolla Village News

"I think I'm falling for Rick Cahill. He's the best kind of down-on-his-luck detective: hard-boiled yet vulnerable; gritty but gallant; somewhat of a screw-up but noble to the core; droll yet all heart. I'll follow him anywhere. Coyle's writing was terrific out of the gate but still manages to get even better." Kristi Belcamino, Anthony, Barry, and Macavity award nominee author of the Gabriella Giovanni mystery series

“Matt Coyle's Dark Fissures is a meticulously plotted detective novel with such fast and continuous action that neither the cars nor the gun barrels ever cool down. Go buy it.” Thomas Perry, Edgar Award-winning author of the Jane Whitefield Series

"DARK FISSURES is a roller coaster ride through the streets of San Diego. Tightly plotted with memorable characters. An outstanding read!” C. J. Box, New York Times best-selling author of the Joe Pickett novels

Matt Coyle

Matt Coyle

About the Author

Matt Coyle grew up in Southern California, battling his brother and sisters for respect and the best spot on the couch in front of the TV. He knew he wanted to be a writer at the age of twelve when his father gave him THE SIMPLE ART OF MURDER by Raymond Chandler. His debut novel, YESTERDAY'S ECHO, won the Anthony Award for Best First Novel, The San Diego Book Award for Best Mystery, the IBPA Ben Franklin Silver Award for Best New Voice in Fiction, and was a Macavity Finalist for Best First Novel. The second Rick Cahill crime novel, NIGHT TREMORS, was a finalist of the Lefty Award for Best Regional Mystery and is a finalist for the Anthony Award for Best Mystery and a finalist for the Shamus Award for Best First P.I. Novel.

The third Rick Cahill crime novel, DARK FISSURES, comes out in December, 2016. Matt is currently writing the next book in the Rick Cahill crime series. He lives in San Diego with his Yellow Lab, Angus.Read more on Amazon's Matt Coyle page Read More

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