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The Right to Life

Casey Cort #6


Publisher: Penner Media

Publication Date: 07/17/2018

Format: e-book

My Rating: 5 Stars What wouldn’t a woman do for her daughter? Ready to start a new practice free from the stress and moral ambiguity of criminal law, Casey Cort accepts lucrative referrals from the Hudson Adoption Agency. But when she’s ready to finalize her first adoption, she learns the child’s origins are murky… After escaping a brutal home life, Alile Rubidari is denied asylum in Britain. To avoid being deported to Africa, she ventures into the shady world of illegal au pairs. But when she comes to care for little Charlotte Rose, small clues reveal the child may be her own. Without family, money, or legal status, Alile has no means to fight for her daughter…

Ambitious surgeon, Fiona Rose gets a shock when her long term partner jilts her. Desperate to create a family, she goes on a journey to single motherhood. But when she learns her adopted daughter may be stolen, she must learn the true meaning of family before she has to account for her role in international child abduction.

The two face off, but a judge can only choose one mother…

In this continuation of the Casey Cort series, Aime Austin—a former trial lawyer in Cleveland—weaves a tale that blends the best of today’s top legal thrillers with the heart and soul of women’s fiction, in a story ripped from real-world headlines.


Casey Cort Series By Sylvia Fox (aka Aimee Austin)

The Right to Life

About the Author

Sylvie Fox

Aime Austin is the pen name for author Sylvie Fox.

Aime Austin is the author of smart women’s fiction. Her compelling stories are boldly told, designed to keep readers turning the pages.

Whether you’re reading Sylvie’s romantic women’s fiction or Aime Austin's legal thrillers, she wants you to enjoy the heroine’s journey.Before turning to writing full time, Aime practiced law for nearly a decade.

She splits her time between Los Angeles and Budapest, where she enjoys yoga, knitting, farm-to-table cooking, and life with her husband and son. When she’s not writing, her nose is stuck in a book. Read More






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