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The Good Daughter

By: Alexandra Burt ISBN: 9780451488114

Publisher: Berkley

Publication Date: 2/7/2017

Format: Paperback

My Rating: 3 Stars From the author of Remember Mia comes the tale of a young woman in search of her past, and the mother who will do anything to keep it hidden... What if you were the worst crime your mother ever committed? Dahlia Waller's childhood memories consist of stuffy cars, seedy motels, and a rootless existence traveling the country with her eccentric mother. Now grown, she desperately wants to distance herself from that life. Yet one thing is stopping her from moving forward: she has questions. In order to understand her past, Dahlia must go back. Back to her mother in the stifling town of Aurora, Texas. Back into the past of a woman on the brink of madness. But after she discovers three grave-like mounds on a neighboring farm, she'll learn that in her mother's world of secrets, not all questions are meant to be answered...

Review to follow.

Praise for Remember Mia

“As riveting as Gone Girl, but with an even sharper emotional edge.”—Kelly Jones, author of Lost and Found in Prague “A twisty, gripping read—beautifully written and impossible to put down.”—Meg Gardiner, Edgar Award–winning author of Phantom Instinct

“Skip your morning coffee as you read this one. Your heart will pound a little faster with every page.”— “If you enjoy books that pull you in from the beginning and keep you so fully engrossed that you think about them even when you are doing other things, [this] is a book that you should not miss.”—Fresh Fiction

About the Author

Alexandra Burt was born in Fulda, Germany, a baroque town in the East Hesse Highlands. Days after her college graduation she boarded a flight to the U.S. She ended up in Texas, married, and explored a career in the student loan industry. After the birth of her daughter she became a freelance translator, determined to acknowledge the voice in the back of her head prompting her to break into literary translations. The union never panned out and she decided to tell her own stories. She currently lives in Central Texas with her husband, her daughter, and two Chocolate Labrador Retrievers. One day she wants to live on a farm and offer old arthritic dogs a comfy couch to live out their lives. She wouldn't mind a few rescue goats, chickens, and cats. The more the merrier. She is a member of Sisters In Crime, a nationwide network of women crime writers. She is currently working on her third novel. Remember Mia is her first novel. Her second novel, The Good Daughter, will be available in February 2017. Read More

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