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  • Writer's pictureJudith D Collins

The Runaway Children

ISBN: 9781786812872

Publisher: Bookouture

Publication Date: 12/8/2017

Format: e-book

My Rating: 4 Stars (ARC) An unforgettable journey of two evacuee sisters during the Second World War – and their determination to stay together, no matter what. London, 1942: Thirteen-year-old Nell and five-year-old Olive are being sent away from home to escape the devastation of the East End during the Blitz. Leaving behind their beloved mother and brothers, they don’t know if they will ever see them again. As the sisters adjust to their new life in a close-knit Welsh village, they gradually find hope in the friendships they make. And Nell kindles a special bond with fellow evacuee Jimmy, who makes her smile even at the hardest of times.

But when little Olive’s safety is threatened, Nell makes a decision that will change their lives forever. They must run from danger and find their way home…

Together, through tears and laughter, the two sisters hold each other’s hands as they make an incredibly brave journey across war-torn England. Will they be reunited with the family they have missed for so many years? Or is there more heartache to come?

A moving story of unconditional love, friendship and the fight for survival during a time of unimaginable change. This book is guaranteed to find a place in your heart. Perfect for fans of Orphan Train and The Girl With No Name.

A special thank you to Bookouture and NetGalley for an advanced reading copy. Review to follow.



What readers are saying about Sandy Taylor:

‘Oh my word I honestly can't remember the last time a book made me feel so emotional. Well this book made me laugh one minute and bawl my eyes out the next. It was absolutely brilliant. Right from the first page I was glued to it and just didn't want to put it down. Sandy Taylor is one amazing writer and the way she writes and describes the character really pulls you into the story. I can't recommend this book highly enough. It is simply amazing.’ Goodreads Review

‘This is one of the most endearing, yet heart-breaking, novels that I have encountered in quite some time and will certainly not soon forget. Taylor's writing style is a treasure to behold with her ability to draw a reader into the story… Filled with unexpected twists and turns, you'll want to keep the box of tissues nearby! … FIVE stars.’ Kimberly’s Bookshelf

‘Wow this book had me laughing out loud one minute and bursting into tears the next … unputdownable.’ Nat’s Reading Cloud

‘I absolutely adored it! … so wonderful and so captivating … This book had sincerity, humour, happiness, sadness; so many different emotions that make up our everyday lives also made up this story and I don’t feel as if it could have been any more incredible.’ The Book Café

‘A beautiful and emotional read. I don’t think I can remember the last time a book moved me to tears so many times whilst reading it. I shed tears of happiness as well as sadness. This is one author who creates characters that will totally capture the readers hearts and I know that them and their story will remain with me for a very long time to come.’ By the Letter Book Reviews

‘I really don't think I have sufficient words to do it justice … I was captivated entirely, smiled, sobbed, nodded my head, gave them my opinion & in the end my heart broke for them.’ Ali the Dragon Slayer

‘I loved this novel so much, even though it’s probably the most heart-breaking story I’ve read all year … beautifully written.’ That Thing She Reads, 5 stars

‘I absolutely loved this book and couldn’t put it down. It has all the ingredients for a perfect read: fantastic, loveable and very real characters, an emotional and compelling storyline, and a brilliant setting in time and place.’ Louise Douglas

‘A beautifully written tale of friendship, family, loyalty and betrayal. It is in turn both heart-warming and tragic.’ The Welsh Librarian


About the Author

Sandy Taylor grew up in 1950s and 1960s Brighton, and now lives in Somerset. Sandy’s fourth novel, THE RUNAWAY CHILDREN, will be published by Bookouture on 8 December.

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