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Mine: An Obsession

Mine by JL Butler

By: J. L. Butler

ISBN: 0062798138

Publisher: William Morrow

Publication Date: 6/26/2018

Format: Hardcover

My Rating: 3 Stars In this riveting tale of psychological suspense, a divorce lawyer risks her career, her sanity, and her life when she falls into an illicit, all-consuming affair with her client—who becomes the primary suspect in his estranged wife’s sudden disappearance. Young divorce lawyer Francine Day has methodically built her career doing everything right. She’s one big case away from securing her place among London’s legal elite. But when she meets her new client, Martin Joy, the natural caution that has protected Francine and fueled her rise melts away. Powerless to fight the irresistible magnetism between them, client and counsel tumble into a blistering affair that breaks every rule.

Though Martin insists his marriage is over, Francine doesn’t believe him. Certain details he’s told her don’t quite add up. Consumed with a passion she cannot control and increasingly obsessed with Martin’s relationship with his wife, Donna, Francine follows the woman one night . . . and discovers her having dinner with her supposedly soon-to-be-ex-husband.

The next morning, Francine awakens in her neighbor’s apartment with blood on her clothes and no recollection of what transpired after she spied Donna and Martin together. Then Francine receives more devastating news: Martin’s wife has vanished. That dinner was the last place anyone has seen Donna Joy alive.

Suddenly, Francine finds herself caught in a dangerous labyrinth of deception, lies, and secrets, in which one false move could lead to her undoing. What happened that night and why can’t Francine remember? Where is Donna and who is responsible for her disappearance? The further Francine goes to find answers, the tighter the net seems to draw—around her lover, herself, and the life she’s meticulously built.

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Get ready for an exciting new direction from Tasmina! Her debut psychological thriller Mine was bought by Harper Collins, William Morrow and fifteen other countries around the world after film rights were bought at the 2017 London Book Fair by Sony Pictures. Described as Fatal Attraction meets Apple Tree Yard, Mine is scheduled for released in June 2018 and is in development with producer Neal Moritz and Original Film.



Butler’s story of ambition, lust, and fear will still engage readers drawn to thrillers featuring unreliable narrators (with a little steaminess thrown into the mix).”


“Mine should come with a government health warning: ‘All children, spouses and friends will be ignored until the final thrilling page.’ Tightly wound and delivering twist after twist, this is for everyone looking for the next Girl On A Train.”

Celia Walden, author of Harm’s Way

“Taut, sinister, clever, with dark and delicious twist coiled in its heart.” (S.K. Tremayne)

“Fiendishly plotted and perfectly paced, MINE is a thrilling exploration of obsession, love, professional duty and personal trauma. Few books are worthy of a 4am finish, MINE is definitely one of them.”

Caz Frear, bestselling author

“A gripping, glamorous, thrill-a-minute ride through London’s dark side.” —Erin Kelly

“Engrossing…An impeccably paced plot leads to a riveting confrontation.” —Publishers Weekly

“Intelligently written. Compulsive. I defy you to put this down.” —Jane Corry

“Gripping, intelligent, thrilling.” —Adele Parks

“Set in the beating heart of London, MINE is a compelling and slick page-turner that pulses with sinister tension.” —Lucy Clarke


About the Author

J. L. Butler aka Tasmina Perry

Tasmina Perry aka JL Butler, Mia James

After qualifying as a solicitor, Tasmina moved into the more glamorous world of women's magazine journalism. She won the New Magazine Journalist of the Year Award, met Brad Pitt, and was serenaded by Julio Iglesias. Tasmina has gone on to write for Marie Claire, Glamour and Heat, and has found time to launch her own travel and style magazine, Jaunt. She is currently Deputy Editor of In Style magazine, and lives in Clapham with her writer husband John and lots of shoes. Read More

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