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  • Writer's pictureJudith D Collins

A Fatal Affair

ISBN: 9781542039901

Publisher: Thomas & Mercer

Publication Date: 06/20/2023

Format: Other

My Rating: 3 Stars

Stars. Lovers. Liars. Killers. This is Hollywood, and everyone has a part to play in a shocking novel of suspense by New York Times bestselling author A. R. Torre.

Actress Nora Kemp loves two men. One is Hugh Iverson, a philanthropic movie star who gives Nora security and respectability. The other is Hugh’s twin brother, Trent, a Hollywood bad boy who brings out Nora’s wild side. When Trent and an unidentified woman are found dead on the Iversons’ Beverly Hills property, more than Nora’s and Hugh’s reputations are at stake.

An investigation suggests murder-suicide. But there’s more to the crime than first meets the eye: suspicions of a serial killer with a bizarre motive, Hugh’s unnerved and cautious staff, and a missing mother and son. As two LA detectives sift through the deceptions of the innocent and the guilty—some living and some dead—solving the case becomes a cunning cat-and-mouse game.

Because in a city of illusions, the truth—no matter how dangerous—is so easy to hide.


“A whiplash suspenser that’s a model of its kind.”

—Kirkus Reviews

“The author skillfully reveals the characters’ many lies and secrets. Torre knows how to keep the reader guessing.”

—Publishers Weekly

About the Author

A. R. Torre is a pseudonym for New York Times bestselling author Alessandra Torre. She has been featured in such publications as ELLE and ELLE UK and has guest-blogged for Cosmopolitan and the Huffington Post. In addition, Torre is the creator of Alessandra Torre Ink, a website, community, and online school for aspiring authors. Learn more at







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