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  • Writer's pictureJudith D Collins

Every Time I Go On Vacation

ISBN: 9781250325853

Publisher: St. Martin's Press, Minotaur Books

Publication Date: 04/30/2024

Format: Other

My Rating: TBR (ARC)

Ten days, eight suspects, six cities, five authors, three bodies . . . one trip to die for.

"Quick, captivating, and oh-so-much-fun! This delicious mystery is as spellbinding as Knives Out."—Elle Cosimano, New York Times bestselling author of the Finlay Donovan series

All that bestselling author Eleanor Dash wants is to get through her book tour in Italy and kill off her main character, Connor Smith, in the next in her Vacation Mysteries series—is that too much to ask?

Clearly, because when an attempt is made on the real Connor’s life—the handsome but infuriating con man she got mixed up with ten years ago and now can't get out of her life—Eleanor’s enlisted to help solve the case.

Contending with literary rivals, rabid fans, a stalker—and even her ex, Oliver, who turns up unexpectedly—theories are bandied about, and rivalries, rifts, and broken hearts are revealed. But who’s really trying to get away with murder?

Every Time I Go on Vacation, Someone Dies is the irresistible and hilarious series debut from Catherine Mack, introducing bestselling fictional author Eleanor Dash on her Italian book tour that turns into a real-life murder mystery, as her life starts to imitate the world in her books.


“This book is fabulous! A hilarious and fun romp with a great mystery all rolled into one. I couldn’t put this down and you won’t either. Take it on your next vacation!”

―Liv Constantine, New York Times bestselling author of The Last Mrs. Parrish

"Quick, captivating, and oh-so-much-fun! This delicious mystery is as spellbinding as Knives Out, featuring a spectacular sun-drenched setting and an utterly engaging cast who all possess a motive for murder.”

―Elle Cosimano, New York Times bestselling author of the Finlay Donovan series

"The hijinks! The humor! The heart! I can't remember the last time a book made me laugh out loud so many times. If you need me, I'll just be over here waiting impatiently for book two.”

―Colleen Oakley, USA Today bestselling author of The Most True Story of Tanner and Louise

“With her snappy dialogue, and hilarious footnotes, novelist Eleanor Dash is the perfect imperfect heroine to guide you on this madcap Italian odyssey, an Aperol Spritz in hand. I felt like I was on holiday. But with murder. I couldn't stop reading.”

―Jessa Maxwell, author of The Golden Spoon

“Looking for the perfect escape? Then look no further: Catherine Mack’s uproariously hilarious mystery, Every Time I Go On Vacation, Someone Dies, is the binge-worthy, delicious read that you've been waiting for. Equal parts Finlay Donovan and White Lotus Season 2, with biting, razor-sharp social commentary and wickedly dark humor that made me cackle out loud, Mack has created the ultimate, root-worthy heroine in bestselling author Eleanor Dash, whom I'm prepared to follow anywhere!”

―May Cobb, author of My Summer Darlings

“A sparklingly fresh take on the classic murder mystery novel. A fast-paced and twisty delight of a novel that kept me guessing till the end, with a fabulously witty and entertaining narrator and heroine.”

―Kat Ailes, author of The Expectant Detectives

“Fans of Knives Out and the Finlay Donovan series will adore Catherine Mack’s smart and funny mystery set in picturesque Italy. With its unforgettable narrator, terrific ensemble cast, wine, romance, and even a murder...or two―this novel is pure delight.”

―Amy Poeppel, author of The Sweet Spot and Musical Chairs

“Fresh, clever, and laugh out loud funny! Every Time I Go on Vacation, Someone Dies is written by an author about an author being an author. Mack smashes through the fourth wall, giving you an inside look at the complex and hilarious world of publishing, while making you feel like you're a part of the story. It's wildly fun, completely addictive, and an absolute must read!”

―Jeneva Rose, New York Times bestselling author of The Perfect Marriage

“This series debut is sure to delight fans of traditional mysteries as well as those who prefer a good CWC (cozy with corpses)… Perfect for fans of The Magpie Murders; the Finlay Donovan series; and Only Murders in the Building.”

―First Clue

About the Author

Catherine Mack (she/her) is the pseudonym for Catherine McKenzie, the USA Today and Globe & Mail bestselling author of over a dozen novels. Her books are approaching two million copies sold worldwide and have been translated into multiple languages including French, German, Portuguese, and Polish. Television rights to Every Time I Go on Vacation, Someone Dies and its forthcoming sequels sold in a major auction to Fox TV for development into a series, with Mack writing the pilot script. A dual Canadian and US citizen, she splits her time between Canada and various warmer locations in the US.

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