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Her Husband's Mistake

By: David Hurst

Narrators: Tamsin Kennard,

Nathaniel Priestley

ISBN: 9781835251720

Publisher: Hachette UK - Bookouture

Publication Date: 09/30/2023

Format: Audiobook

My Rating: 4.5 Stars (ARC)


My husband made a terrible mistake. Now our children are missing…

This should be the trip of a lifetime – a week in New York with my family. As we stroll along the Hudson River, drinking coffee in the sunshine, anyone would think we’re the perfect family. But the truth is far more complicated.

I’ve been on edge the whole time because fifteen years ago when we were living in this city my husband Jack did something that ripped our lives apart. I swore I would never come back here, but Jack insisted.

One afternoon, in the blur of a crowd, I lose sight of my son. I can’t find him anywhere. Frantic, I call my husband. But what he tells me next shakes me to the core…

My daughter’s gone missing too.

I end the conversation, my whole body shaking with fear. As I’m desperately searching for my children, the phone rings – it’s an anonymous number.

The hard voice at the other end gives me an ultimatum: kill my husband or my children will die.

The clock is ticking. Can I save my family in time?

An absolutely gripping psychological thriller filled with shock twists from the number one bestselling author of The Doctor’s Wife. If you loved Gone Girl and The Night She Disappeared, you’ll be hooked by Her Husband’s Mistake.

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About the Author

Daniel Hurst is an Amazon #1 bestselling author of fast paced psychological thrillers. His most popular titles include Til Death Do Us Part, The Passenger and The Doctor's Wife, the latter title reaching #1 on the Amazon UK Kindle store in February 2023. A regular KDP Select All Star since he became a full-time author in 2021, Daniel prides himself on writing fast, releasing stories often and engaging with his readers.

You can visit him at, where you can also download a copy of his FREE thriller 'Just One Second.'

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