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  • Writer's pictureJudith D Collins

I Let Her In

Narrators: Emma Swan

Kristin Atherton

Hachette UK - Bookouture

ISBN: 9781835250044

Publisher: Bookoture

Publication Date: 03/19/2024

Format: Audio & e-book

My Rating: 4.5 Stars (ARC)

From where I stand in the shadows of Cassie and Jon’s garden, it’s easy to spot little Teddy in an upstairs window, playing alone in his room. So many parents don’t appreciate what they’ve got. It can take a threat to their child’s safety to make them realise how blessed they are. I wonder if it will come to that…

I was so excited – so relieved – to be moving to Cherry Tree Lane.

I needed somewhere new, where I could start fresh with my husband Jon and toddler Teddy. Somewhere far away from the fear that came before. I felt so lucky to meet Amy on our first trip to the local playground. Immediately welcoming, warm and kind, she quickly became the friend I’d always wanted.

How wrong I was.

Because today, I turned up at Teddy’s nursery to find him gone. He’d been picked up an hour ago by Amy. She’s disappeared, taking my precious son with her. And it’s terrifyingly clear I never knew her at all.

Now the threats have begun. I let her in to my life, but she already knew everything about me, about my family. The one thing she doesn’t know – and the only leverage I have to get Teddy back – is what really forced us from our last home. But revealing that means destroying the perfect life I have now…

I have no choice. I’ll just have to live with the consequences. If I can survive the fallout…

Perfect for fans of Lisa Jewell, Mark Edwards and The Woman in the Window, this is an utterly absorbing and shocking psychological thriller with the most unexpected of twists.

My Review

Maria Frankland's latest psychological thriller, I LET HER IN, is a twisty, unpredictable domestic suspense with plenty of dark secrets, lies, and deception to keep the pages turning— and two jaw-dropping twists that will have your head spinning!


Perfect lies can become perfect nightmares.

A dream home becomes a nightmare when past and present secrets converge in this darkly sublime, entertaining thriller.

Edgy, diabolical, and suspenseful! Frankland deftly explores twisted family dynamics and devastating secrets in suburbia in this stunning novel that will shock readers by the final page. INTENSE and entertaining!

Set in England, we meet Cassie, Jon, their son Teddy, 4 years old, and their German shepherd dog Suki.

Jon is in the oil business and comes from money. His parents (Jack & Elsie) died, and the prestigious home (The Tolbeck Cottage) on Cherry Tree Lane was left to the grandson, Teddy; however, the parents were allowed to live there.

Cassie is excited about the new neighborhood and new beginnings. After staying home with Teddy, she is starting a new HR job and is glad to be in a new environment. She felt like someone was watching/following her in their old neighborhood.

Soon after moving in, she meets Amy at the park, hires her as a dog walker, and occasionally watches Teddy.

There is also the mysterious neighbor Becca, who lives next door and cares for her elderly mother.

Something seems off. Jon is controlling and seems to spend a lot of time next door. He thinks she hired Amy too quickly without a full background check. Is he having an affair?

Cassie begins investigating Becca, and something seems off with Amy. Then, someone takes Teddy from the daycare without her permission. She must find her son! She is devastated and frantic.

Who is Amy, and what is her motive?

Then Cassie learns about the murder of a young girl. A party from ten years earlier at the home they are now living in. A party Jon had while his parents were away ended in a drug given to a young woman who died. A young girl everyone loved, leaving two grief-stricken parents behind.

Told from POVs: Cassie and Amy and a few chapters by Becca. Everyone is keeping SECRETS! Revenge, obsession, and MURDER.

I LET HER IN is riveting, dark, and sinister. The author cleverly keeps the tension high in this twisty, addictive thriller, keeping you guessing about the characters' relationships and how they are connected. Two unexpected wicked twists in this high-stakes thriller are impressive.

AUDIOBOOK: I enjoyed reading the e-book and listening to the audio narrated by Emma Swan and Kristin Atherton for a chilling performance, making the characters come alive!

My first book by the author, and I look forward to reading more! For fans of Big Little Lies, Freida McFadden, Miranda Rijks, and KL Slater.

Thanks to Bookouture and NetGalley for gifting ARC and ALC for my honest opinion.

@JudithDCollins | #JDCMustReadBooks

Pub Date: Mar 19, 2024

My Rating: 4.5 Stars

About the Author

Maria Frankland was born in York, home of Yorkshire puddings, Yorkie Bars and Yorkshire tea – incidentally three of her favourite things.

When not eating or drinking these items, she can be found dreaming up and executing the darkest of books for you to read, containing characters you could know – or characters you could be…

Yes, she has a dark imagination, but because she unleashes this into her writing, she is one of the friendliest authors you could hope to meet, and replies to every email, message and comment from her readers – her favourite part of the job, after writing, of course! Drop her a line by following this link.

Due to the nature of her work, Maria has a dubious internet search history and a worried mother-in-law, however she promises to keep writing gripping, edge-of-your-seat psychological thrillers for as long as you wish to read them! WEBSITE

Join her Facebook group Maria's Frankfans here.







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