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  • Writer's pictureJudith D Collins

In Every Life

Narrator: Jennifer Araya

ISBN: 978-1400243136

Publisher: HarperMuse

Publication Date: 08/06/2024

Format: Paperback

My Rating: 5 Stars (ARC)

Aug 7th

What happens when a husband's dying wish is for his wife to find a new love . . . before he's even gone?

Ben and Harper have had a rough start to their marriage. After a surprise late-stage cancer diagnosis, Ben comes up with one final wish for his wife: he wants Harper to find a new partner before he dies. Harper is resistant to this wacky plan. If she can't have Ben, then she doesn't want anyone.

Finally, he lets it drop, but not before the New York Times sends a journalist to do a feature story about Ben's life . . . and his idea. When Harper opens the door, she is stunned to find the one man who got away. Or, the man she spent one perfect week with a decade ago and never saw again: Liam Hale.

Suddenly, Harper is faced with her ultimate what-if:

  • What if Harper had ended up with Liam instead of Ben?

  • What if she'd pursued life as an artist instead of teaching?

  • What if it had all turned out differently?

After making a wish, Harper wakes up to find herself in a parallel universe . . . where her what-ifs become a reality.

Is the grass really greener, or is she standing right where she should be, even as she inevitably faces the pain of losing the one she loves?

About the Author

Photo Credit: Kate Gallaher 

World-Altering Women's Fiction


Rea Frey is the award-winning author of several domestic suspense, women’s fiction, and nonfiction books. Her most recent novels explore what-if themes.


Known as a Book Doula, she helps other authors birth their books into the world.


To learn more, visit

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"Behind the Book & The Author"

With Bestselling Author Rea Frey

Coming, Aug 2024!


'A perfect tale of 'what if.' Frey broke my heart into a million pieces then tenderly put it back together with her deeply moving message that sometimes the truest way we can love someone is by letting them go.'

— Kate Robb, author of THIS SPELLS LOVE

'Devastating, thought-provoking, and hopeful, Rea Frey plays deftly in the tantalizing world of 'what if . . . ' IN EVERY LIFE is a gem!' -

—Emma Grey, author of THE LAST LOVE NOTE

'In this heartfelt, poignant novel, Rea Frey has crafted a stirring narrative that grips the heart, uplifts the spirit, and takes the reader on a journey of life-changing events that shape the characters while dabbling in the idea of how their worlds would shift if they altered one moment in their past. One single decision can change our entire lives, and this novel asks the reader, Would you? IN EVERY LIFE is genuine, overflowing with soul, and weaved together with the kind of love we spend our whole lives searching for.'

— Jennifer Moorman, Bestselling Author of THE MAGIC ALL AROUND

'Seamlessly weaving together three timelines of 'What is,' 'What was' and 'What if,' Rea Frey's IN EVERY LIFE is an incredibly relatable story for every woman who has ever faced an impossible situation and wondered what if she had made a different choice. Perfect for fans of Taylor Jenkins Reid's MAYBE IN ANOTHER LIFE and the film Sliding Doors, Harper's journey is an exquisite reminder that there are no coincidences and that life unfolds exactly as it is meant to.'

— Sara Goodman Confino, bestselling author of DON'T FORGET TO WRITE

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