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  • Writer's pictureJudith D Collins

In Every Life

Narrator: Jennifer Araya

ISBN: 978-1400243136

Publisher: HarperMuse

Publication Date: 08/06/2024

Format: Paperback

My Rating: TBR (ARC)

What happens when a husband’s dying wish is for his wife to find a new love…before he’s even gone?

Ben and Harper have had a rough start to their marriage. After a surprise late-stage cancer diagnosis, Ben comes up with one final wish for his wife: he wants Harper to find someone else before he dies.

Harper is resistant to this wacky plan. If she can’t have Ben, then she doesn’t want anyone. Finally, he lets it drop, but not before the New York Times sends a journalist to do a feature story about Ben’s life...and his idea. When Harper opens the door, she is stunned to find the one man who got away. Or, the man she spent one perfect week with a decade ago and never saw again: Liam Hale.

Suddenly, Harper is faced with her ultimate what-if: What if Harper had ended up with Liam instead of Ben?

After making a wish, Harper wakes up to find herself in an alternate reality...where her what-ifs become a reality.

Is the grass really greener, or is she standing right where she should be, even as she inevitably faces the pain of losing the one she loves?


"Tenderly observed and heartfelt. Raw and emotional."

—Josie Silver

"Intriguing, thought provoking . . . Frey breathes life into universal themes concerning love, family, parenthood, forgiveness, grief, and second chances."

—New York Journal of Books

"brings to mind Jodi Picoult"


"impossible to put down"

—Publishers Weekly

About the Author

I never thought I would become an author.

Growing up, I believed the false story that writing was a hobby; it wasn’t a job. But I’ve always liked a challenge.

After a “publishing experience gone bad” for my first novel , I decided to learn everything I could about the publishing industry. And along the way, I decided to share my knowledge with authors, in hopes that they could go into this world with eyes wide open and pick the right publication path for them.

What started out as a simple writing coach side hustle quickly scaled to a multiple six-figure business with nearly 100 first-time authors landing agents, nabbing six-figure book deals, and reaching #1 bestselling status.

What I’ve learned in the publishing industry—from numerous traditionally published novels with the “Big 5,” to four traditionally published nonfiction books that (somewhat) crashed and burned—is what it takes to be a successful author, how the publishing landscape continues to change, and how vital it is for authors to understand all the moving parts if they want to birth their own books into the world.

Now, as a book doula, I offer my guidance so that authors can stand on their own two feet. Whether you want to write a book, sell a book, or need some specific guidance, you’ve come to the right place. WEBSITE

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