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Kennedy Girl

Series: Theory of Expanded Love #2)

ISBN: 9798888190029

Publisher: Sunbury Press

Brown Posey Press

Publication Date: 04/26/2023

Format: Other

My Rating: TBR (ARC)

An uncontrollable series of events transform the lives of two teenagers the night of RFK’s assassination. The unforgettable heroine of A Theory of Expanded Love returns in this coming-of-age adventure about love, justice and the memorable year of 1968.

Seventeen-year-old Annie Shea is feeling good about her life. Performing a solo in a glee club production of HAIR, she has a crush on the show’s star, Lucas Jones, a talented black singer/dancer from Watts. Annie sneaks away from home to volunteer for Robert Kennedy, and proudly rides alongside his car as part of his campaign entourage.

On a hot June night inside the crowded ballroom of The Ambassador Hotel, Annie and Lucas witness the triumph of RFK’s presidential campaign. Seconds later, RFK is shot, and the two follow his ambulance through the streets of LA—a tragic and chaotic ride that upends their young lives forever.

Soon after, Annie ditches her first day of university to drive Lucas and her brother to Canada to evade the law. Throughout the suspense of their hasty road trip up the coast of California, Annie unearths her brother’s unbearable secrets. She connects with Lucas’s generous heart while sorting out justice and privilege, racism, sexuality, love, and the dark forces of war.

In the sequel to the award-winning A Theory of Expanded Love, Annie is determined to find her voice. Thrust into making excruciating decisions, Annie begins to understand the new roles she must navigate as a woman in a fast-changing society, amidst the chaos, danger and social change of the late Sixties.

A Theory of Expanded Love


A Theory of Expanded Love #1

Very honored to be a blurb the front cover! I loved this book.

A Theory of Expanded Love is a coming-of-age story of tradition and redemption about a feisty adolescent, on the cusp of her teen years in a huge, noisy catholic family.

When the Pope dies, and a family friend is short-listed to become the first American pope, Annie creates a hilarious campaign of lies to increase the heavenward status of herself and her family, but soon is haunted by her own dishonesty.

When she discovers a wedding photograph of her mother next to a soldier who is not her father, when ‘The Hands’ visit her at night, as her sister faces a scandal, Annie realizes her parents will do almost anything to maintain their reputation in the parish.

Questioning all she has been taught, and torn between her own gut instinct and years of Catholic guilt, Annie takes courageous risks to wrest salvation from the sequence of events set in motion by her parents’ betrayal. READ MY REVIEW

About the Author

Caitlin Hicks is an author, international playwright, and acclaimed performer in British Columbia. Her debut novel A THEORY OF EXPANDED LOVE published in the US, won numerous awards: iBooks Best New Fiction, Bronze Book of the Year in Literary Fiction (Indiefab Award), Best Inspirational Fiction (Next Generation Indie Awards), Literary Fiction (Somerset Awards) Silver Medal: Inspirational Fiction (Reader’s Favorite) and JDC Top Must Read Books of 2015.

Hicks has performed on CBC regional and national radio; one of her plays Singing the Bones was adapted to film and screened internationally to critical acclaim. Her monologues are featured in Smith & Kraus’ series “Best Women’s Stage Monologues” (New York), and “She Writes” (Playwrights Canada Press). Hicks’ writing has been published in The Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Vancouver Sun and other publications.

Before becoming a playwright and performer, Hicks worked in publicity for CBS radio and was Manager, Advertising and Promotion for NBC radio in San Francisco. Later, as Press Manager for the public art projects Paintings Below Zero, Hicks facilitated millions of dollars of free international publicity on all media platforms. For these installations in major international cities, she created a temporary fan base of tens of thousands through project-specific blogs.

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