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Outcry Witness

The Nicole Long Legal Thriller Series Book #.05 Prequel


Publisher: Moore Digital Media Inc

Publication Date: 06/22/2022

Format: e-book

My Rating: 5 Stars (ARC)

NOVELLA | Prequel

Outcry Witness is the first story in the new Nicole Long legal thriller series from the bestselling author, Aime Austin of the popular Casey Cort series.

You may remember Nicole Long from Caged, Contained, Unarmed & Abused. A long-time prosecutor, her winning streak is broken by none other than Casey Cort. In this first story, we meet Nicole where she started out in Louisiana.

When she didn't give him what he asked for, he took what he wanted…

Nicole Long was enjoying an extended vacation after college graduation until her parents gave her an ultimatum: get a job or move out. At least their proviso came with a lifeline, a lead on a marketing role in a growing megachurch.

Long’s new public relations job is more than she could have ever hoped for until her boss does the unspeakable and the secret behind her pedigree is revealed. Now Nicole must learn to stand up for herself and accept her true identity or else the shame will drown her faster than her growing bourbon habit.

I pre-ordered. Have you? Cannot wait!

My Review

There aren’t enough prominent women in the legal thriller genre, so READ and SAVOR them whenever you get the opportunity! Aime Austin, a former attorney now a bestselling author (a huge fan), and popular podcast host of A TIME TO THRILL returns with an exciting new spin-off —The Nicole Long Legal Series. Austin has made a name for herself with her popular knockout (10-book) Casey Cort crime and legal series and solidifies the top slot with her upcoming one. An Electrifying Twisty-Turney start to a new series: THE NICOLE LONG LEGAL SERIES

Crime meets Legal. A relatable protagonist. Dark humor. Where no one is what they seem. Highly charged HOT topics. Abuse of power. Manipulation. Corruption. Injustice. Everyone is out for themselves. The writing is utterly fabulous. It's a legal DO NOT MISS! The most memorable $.99 you will ever spend! In this emotionally-charged prequel, packed with a punch, critical topics are addressed, one being sexual assault within the church. The author consistently and effectively addresses timely issues head-on and how they are tackled within the bounds of the law. I am very excited about this new series and highly recommend it! In OUTCRY WITNESS, Aime rewinds time with this captivating prequel setting the stage "before" Nicole Long became an attorney. We met Nicole in (the Casey Cort series) with appearances in Caged, Contained, Unarmed, and her most recent, Abused. The gripping prequel novel can be read as a standalone if you have not read the other books in the CC series—a good time to start the NL journey. A prosecutor with wins. A loss. A drinking problem. Nicole's continued nasty drinking problem will ruin her career if she is not careful. In this installment, you will get a behind-the-scenes look at Nicole's earlier life and how the events shaped her life. 1991 Louisiana: For the first time, we meet her back in Louisiana when she returns home to stay with family for a respite; however, it is anything but rest. Nicole soon learns the truth about why her family is not warm and fuzzy, which will change the course of her life. The events will unfold like a train wreck before your eyes for Nicole Theriot Long, and this is where her problems begin leading her ultimately to law to seek justice and bring down the bad guys. Nicole graduated less than three weeks earlier and trying to figure things out. She spent four years in Hadley, MA, at an all-women's college. She had learned to spar with the best—smart women turned mean girls. Her mother had nothing on those bitches. She has spent summers in Boston and New York and is now back in the South. Not where she wants to be. She and her mom have never got along. No connection. Her mom and sister, Michelle, are close, and she is more or less an outsider. She is closer to their family housekeeper which was always a great friend and supporter. Nicole has never been a favorite daughter. She does have her dad on her side most of the time with her cute nickname Nicky Mouse and his tough love. Her dad is in the oil business and paid for her fancy schools; now, they will not allow her to live at home without a job. He has put his foot down. Nicole's major was in religion (she uses a lot of fun sarcastic Bible quotes in her courtroom). She wants to have a meaningful career, not work at a church. Her dad has a plan. He says she must get a job. Her dad has connections. A mega-church. New Day is led by the charismatic arrogant married Seth Collins. The devil is in the details. She is not thrilled with the thoughts of a PR job with a mega-church, but when she sees the campus, the $70K+ year salary, and to sweeten the deal, a beautifully furnished studio apartment on campus, so she does not have to sleep in her mom's sewing room and have her privacy. Plus good for her resume. No-brainer, right? WRONG. When something seems this good, there is usually a catch. Proceed with caution. RUN. But she feels she has no choice since her dad has made the deal. Little does she know, Seth Collins will turn out to be a monster with no respect for her or her privacy. He will take what he wants when he wants, and no questions asked. He has a key to her apartment and feels like he owns her. When the unspeakable happens, how will she go up against this powerful man, who will believe her, and how will this affect her future employment and choices? On top of this, at the hospital, she finds women in trouble can seek shelter at New Day when it is far from a safety net for women—quite the opposite. Then she discovers her past and questions her identity, which also changes her life. Is she white or black, and how will this change her moving forward? So many hidden Southern secrets. Her life was not as it seemed. She questions everything about her life and her identity. Humanity is reduced to dollars. Her dad steps in and negotiates. He is about terms, payouts, and making decisions for her life. A deal her father brokered. Now she must live with the dark time in her life and nondisclosure agreements. Secrets, sexual assault, a devil masking as God's leader. Rape. How will the events of the past shape Nichole's future? Fast forward to 1992, and she thinks of law school. She did not get justice. Other people should. She decides she wants to prosecute men for the crimes they commit. Someone has to hold them accountable. Cleveland 1997 assistant prosecutor's office five years later known as Nicole, The Riot. She is seeing some justice. She tries to leave the dark time in her life behind. She still needs a drink nearly every night, and she had become a fan of Hennessey while living in Atlanta and now in Cleveland. Seth is still winning. This absorbing prequel is a perfect teaser! What I LOVE about Aime's novels:

They are gritty, street smart, and relevant—ripped from today's headline eye-opening topics and how they fit in with the law crossing moral lines. From corruption politics, power, and scandal. Well-developed multi-dimensional diverse relatable characters caught up in moral dilemmas overcoming insurmountable obstacles, laugh-out-loud dark humor, and electric prose that reads like a cross between Michael Connelly, Lisa Gardner, Jodi Picoult, and John Grisham. She continually delivers thrills, suspense, drama, a little romance, and captivating, intense courtroom scenes. Well done! Get this one on your list, NOW!

OUTCRY WITNESS is one jammed-packed, emotionally charged prequel that will have you turning the pages.

You will be drooling in anticipation for Major Crimes #1 Nichole Long Legal Series (6/29) where we find Nicole about to embark on another disaster as Cleveland's top prosecutor is playing 4-D chess and Nicole Long is just a pawn in the game. PODCAST: If you have not listened to her A TIME TO THRILL Podcast, please do so. Her voice is pitch-perfect and made for audio and each episode is filled with interesting content interviews with great bestselling authors and other brilliant creative women! @JudithDCollins | #JDCMustReadBooks My Rating: 5 Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Top Books of 2022 June 2022 Must-Read Books Pub Date: June 22, 2022

About the Author

Aime Austin is the author of the Casey Cort and Nicole Long Crime Fiction Series.

Casey is almost always in trouble.

Aime’s full-time job? Rescuing her

Good thing Aime’s got experience. She practiced family and criminal law in Cleveland, Ohio for several years—so she has the skills for the job.

When Aime isn’t rescuing Casey from herself, she’s raising her son or traveling between Budapest and Los Angeles.

Want to hear Aime chatting about books and writing? Check out her A TIME TO THRILL podcast appearances:

Aime's A TIME TO THRILL PODCAST and her guest authors!

Check our my #AuthorElevatorSeries Interview with Aime Austin where we go behind the scenes of ABUSED (Casey Cort series) and more about this fabulous author!



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