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  • Writer's pictureJudith D Collins

Society of Lies

ISBN: 9780593723357

Publisher: Random House

Publication Date: 08/13/2024

Format: Other

My Rating: TBR

When a young woman is found dead on her college campus, her sister doesn't believe it was an accident—and her search for answers leads her closer to home than she ever would have imagined in this thrilling debut novel from an exciting new talent.

Maya can’t wait to return to Princeton for Reunions—it’s been a decade since she graduated, and she is looking forward to seeing old faces and reminiscing about her college days. This year is even more special because her little sister, Naomi, is graduating.

But what should have been a dream weekend becomes Maya's worst nightmare when she gets a call no one ever wants—Naomi is dead. The police are saying it’s an accident, but Maya suspects there is more to the story than they are letting on.

As Maya pieces together the months leading up to her sister’s death, she starts to realize how much Naomi hid from her. Naomi had joined Sterling Club, the most exclusive social club on campus—the same one Maya belonged to—despite Maya’s warnings. And if she had to guess, she'd say Naomi was also tapped for the secret society within it.

The more Maya uncovers, the more terrified she becomes that Naomi's decision to follow in her footsteps might have been what got her killed. Because Maya's time at Princeton wasn't as wonderful as she always pretended it was—after all, her sister wasn't the first young woman to turn up dead. Now every clue is leading Maya back to the past…and to the secrets she’s kept all these years.

About the Author


I’m Lauren, a writer and editor based in Los Angeles, California.

Before starting my career, I studied English literature at Princeton and film production and screenwriting at USC School of Cinematic Arts. Since 2015, I’ve worked as an editor and assistant editor on a variety of film and television projects for HBO, Netflix, Disney, and more.

My debut novel, SOCIETY OF LIES, is coming out August 13th, 2024 with Bantam, Penguin Random House, and I couldn’t be more excited!

A suspense set amid Princeton’s eating clubs, SOCIETY OF LIES follows a young woman who made a terrible mistake in her quest to fit in, one which may have led to her sister’s death ten years later. It explores privilege, belonging, and the stubborn (but changing) nature of elite institutions. WEBSITE

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