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Random House Audio

ISBN: ‎ 978-0593593806

Publisher: Random House

Publication Date: 01/10/2023

Format: Audiobook 🔉

My Rating: 5 Stars


It was one of the most searing images of the twentieth century: two young boys, two princes, walking behind their mother’s coffin as the world watched in sorrow—and horror. As Princess Diana was laid to rest, billions wondered what Prince William and Prince Harry must be thinking and feeling—and how their lives would play out from that point on.

For Harry, this is that story at last.

Before losing his mother, twelve-year-old Prince Harry was known as the carefree one, the happy-go-lucky Spare to the more serious Heir. Grief changed everything. He struggled at school, struggled with anger, with loneliness—and, because he blamed the press for his mother’s death, he struggled to accept life in the spotlight.

At twenty-one, he joined the British Army. The discipline gave him structure, and two combat tours made him a hero at home. But he soon felt more lost than ever, suffering from post-traumatic stress and prone to crippling panic attacks. Above all, he couldn’t find true love.

Then he met Meghan. The world was swept away by the couple’s cinematic romance and rejoiced in their fairy-tale wedding. But from the beginning, Harry and Meghan were preyed upon by the press, subjected to waves of abuse, racism, and lies. Watching his wife suffer, their safety and mental health at risk, Harry saw no other way to prevent the tragedy of history repeating itself but to flee his mother country. Over the centuries, leaving the Royal Family was an act few had dared. The last to try, in fact, had been his mother. . . .

For the first time, Prince Harry tells his own story, chronicling his journey with raw, unflinching honesty. A landmark publication, Spare is full of insight, revelation, self-examination, and hard-won wisdom about the eternal power of love over grief.

My Review

I loved Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex's memoir, SPARE! A big fan of Meghan's SUITS and team Harry/Meghan all the way.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by the author for a captivating performance. I highly recommend the audiobook, whether you are a Royal fan or want to know more about Harry's heartfelt journey.

Prince Harry shares honest stories from his childhood, the powerful love of his mother, his grief, life, and the stresses of being a Royal. We hear stories from his military career, his charity work, his PTSD, and his work with veterans and causes. His mother's traumatic death significantly impacted him in ways we will never fully understand.

I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about his meeting Meghan for the first time, their relationship, dating, marriage, and children. Also, their many struggles being part of the Royal family and the decision to leave for their safety and mental health.

From abuse, racism, and the lies and betrayal they encountered—His mother was the last to try to escape and commend Harry and Meghan for wanting more for their life and not winding up the same. I congratulate them for having the courage to leave, which could not have been an easy decision with all they had to give up for a better life.

The press is brutal, and we have no idea what he, Meghan, and Princess Diana went through. Also, the jealousy of his brother and wife when Harry and Meghan are not afraid to be out there working and doing good in the world.

It is sad hearing about all the stress they had to face when trying to get away from financial loss, a home, and lack of family support, and just trying to escape the press. I loved hearing about Tyler Perry offering his home in California as a haven for a short while.

I enjoyed the part in the book toward the end when Meghan tells Harry is much more than a Spare. Priceless. I also laughed about him shopping at TJ Maxx.

I am so proud of them and fully support them leaving the royal family for their sanity, mental health, wellness, and safety for their beautiful family.

I love Santa Barbara and am happy they have found a home in America. We welcome them to the states and hope they will be safe and much happiness away from prying eyes, pressure, gossip, jealousy, and the horrible press. I wish them all the best.

Delighted, he finally had the opportunity to tell his story, and the book is one to treasure. The vast amounts he has raised for good and given to charities, and even portions of the book proceeds are donated.

Well done! If you are a fan of Harry or Meghan, you do not want to miss this one! A heartfelt, raw, honest, humorous, and riveting journey of self-examination, wisdom, love, loss, grief, and insights.

@JudithDCollins | #JDCMustReadBooks

My Rating: 5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Pub Date: Jan 10, 2023

About the Author

Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex, is a husband, father, humanitarian, military veteran, mental wellness advocate, and environmentalist. He resides in Santa Barbara, California, with his family and three dogs.

Prince Harry wishes to support British charities with donations from his proceeds from Spare. The Duke of Sussex has donated $1,500,000 to Sentebale, an organization he founded with Prince Seeiso in their mothers’ legacies, which supports vulnerable children and young people in Lesotho and Botswana affected by HIV/AIDS. Prince Harry will also donate to the non-profit organization WellChild in the amount of £300,000. WellChild, which he has been Royal patron of for fifteen years, makes it possible for children and young people with complex health needs to be cared for at home instead of hospital, wherever possible. WEBSITE







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