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The Patient

Narrator: Sarah Durham

ISBN: 9781835251744

Publisher: Bookouture

Publication Date: 02/13/2024

Format: e-book & audio

My Rating: 5 Stars (ALC) (ARC)

I feel the steady thump of my new heart beating inside me. The surgeon said everything went well. But I can’t stop thinking about my donor: the girl who was killed. Her death saved my life. But now whoever took hers is coming for mine…

I can’t believe it when I learn my donor’s identity. The attack on Flora was all over the news. From my hospital bed I read every article, obsess over every word and soon I feel like I know her: the beautiful girl with flame-coloured hair, adored by everyone around her. Why would anyone hurt someone so perfect?

When Flora’s family reach out to me, I’m unsure. My hands are shaking as I arrive at their grand mansion with its golden stone and sprawling gardens, but they’re warm and welcoming, tears shining in her mother’s eyes as she smiles at me.

She even tells me to take anything I want from Flora’s things, as she can’t bear to go through them herself. I run my fingers over the racks of beautiful designer items, carefully choosing outfits in Flora’s signature yellow, the bright colour complementing the new flush in my cheeks. I think of the years I’ve wasted being ill, and the crushing loneliness I thought would never end. I deserve this.

But then there’s a violent attack on another patient who received one of Flora’s organs. My heart – Flora’s heart – races dangerously fast. Is it a coincidence?

Maybe I’ve made a mistake by stepping into Flora’s life. Has this second chance really saved me? Or has it cost me everything?

A totally gripping psychological thriller that will keep you turning the pages late into the night. If you loved The Silent Patient, The Housemaid and The Doctor’s Wife, you won’t want to miss this.

My Review

Teri Terry's THE PATIENT is a twisty, character-driven, highly entertaining psychological thriller about a heart transplant. When a recipient becomes entangled with the donor's family, nothing is as it appears when dangers are lurking below the surface.

COVER: Firstly, the cover was striking, and I was hooked immediately.

AUDIO: Secondly, I highly recommend the audiobook, narrated by a favorite, Sarah Durham. I have enjoyed her narrations with other books, such as Daniel Hurst, Rona Halsall, and others —her performance was stellar, making this a 5-star rating! She made the characters come alive!

AUTHOR: Last but not least, this is my first book by the author, Teri Terry, and I was highly impressed. I enjoyed her writing style and look forward to reading more by this author!

Set in London, it is A mix of medical, crime thriller, psychological suspense, mystery, and family drama with unreliable narrators and a killer twist. WHODUNIT!

Saphy has a heart problem that COVID-19 made worse. She is on a waiting list for a heart transplant. Her father passed away recently from COVID, and her mom passed away when she was a little girl. She was adopted.

Zoe is her best friend, and Saphy knows she will die without a transplant. She is unsure even if they call her that a heart is available; she does not know if she wants to go through it because there are many dangers, including infections and the risk of rejection. She is uncertain.

Someone has to die first.

She gets the call.

She is a match.

Fern, a doctor, is Flora's older sister. Flora is gone. She is the donor. She was the beautiful sister, wild and impulsive but possibly troubled. Benji, her boyfriend, was arrested and charged with her murder. She was drugged, tied down, and strangled in a specific way with carotid artery compression for long enough to deprive her brain of oxygen and cause brain damage. The girl from the society pages was in a coma.

However, Benji pleads innocent. If not him, who?

Saphy is the recipient of the heart transplant and becomes obsessed with knowing more about her donor when she discovers that her donor is the sleeping beauty everyone talked about.

Then, the family invites her to their beautiful home and into their lives. She even agrees to a news story about donors after much negative publicity about donors and recipients. This puts her in more danger.

Then, people who are recipients are attacked. Something sinister is going on. Now, Saphy may be in danger. She meets Jack, who may not be who he seems. There are lots of suspects.

Also, Fern's mom seems to be taken with Saphy, but Fern is unsure about her intentions. She begins dressing like her and thinking like her. Their lifestyle wows her since she has no family now.

However, things are not as they seem. Told from the POVs of Fern and Saphy, we also go back to find out about Saphy's birth mother and how she came to be adopted. Then, there is another mystery surrounding her birth.

The last half of the book speeds up with non-stop action and suspense as the tensions are high trying to figure out who murdered Flora and if the same person is killing the organ recipients. Then Saphy goes missing.

A multi-layered suspense mystery that will keep you turning the pages and glued to your AirPods. Smartly written, THE PATIENT is a wild ride, scary and frightening. One of moral dilemmas. How far will the murderer go to cover up his secrets of the past?

I had the privilege of reading the e-book and listening to the audiobook, which I enjoyed. For fans of Daniel Hurst, Freida McFadden, KL Slater, Miranda Rijks and Leslie Wolfe.

Thanks to Bookouture and NetGalley for introducing this new author to me and a gifted ARC and ALC for an honest review.

@JudithDCollins | #JDCMustReadBooks

My Rating: 5 Stars

Pub Date: Feb 13, 2024

About the Author

I'm Teri Terry, author of both young adult and adult fiction.

For adults I write psychological thrillers, the sort that keep you awake at night. Sorry about that. Writing them has the same effect on me, so it only seems fair.

My YA books are also thrillers - some futuristic, some current - with a keen eye on characters and what makes them tick, a good splash of weird science and occasional flights of fantasy and the supernatural.

My YA books are available at all good bookshops and online sellers.

As for my adult books ... The Patient is out in February 2024 with Bookouture! WEBSITE







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