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The Second Husband

ISBN: 978-0062945457

Publisher: Harper

Publication Date: 06/28/2022

Format: Audiobook

Narrator: Leslie Howard

Length: 9 hrs and 21 mins

My Rating: 4 Stars

A woman’s seemingly perfect second marriage is rocked by a discovery about the death of her first husband in this twisty psychological thriller from Kate White, the New York Times bestselling author whom Entertainment Weekly called “impossible to outwit.”

After losing her husband, Derrick, in what appears to have been a random street crime, thirtysomething Emma has built a new life with widower Tom, who is kind, handsome, driven, and successful. Emma is finally able to feel safe again, both in her relationship with Tom and in the home they've made together on the Connecticut shore.

Then one day a homicide detective shows up at Emma and Tom’s door asking questions. Though Emma had been cleared of her husband’s murder, it appears that law enforcement is taking another look at her and the case.

What do they know? Are they on the right track this time? And most importantly, will the renewed investigation ruin Emma’s chances of a happy life?

With twists and turns all the way to the last page, this fast-paced, expertly plotted novel will have you asking that age-old question: how well do you really know the ones you love?


“Immersive, spellbinding thriller about a woman questioning everything—including her husband. In Kate White’s perfectly plotted novel, it’s impossible to predict what will happen next.” — Samantha Downing, internationally bestselling author of My Lovely Wife

"Intricately plotted and suspenseful. THE SECOND HUSBAND is a terrific book, packed with surprises and a nail-biting conclusion."

— Sarah Pekkanen, New York Times bestselling co-author of The Golden Couple

“THE SECOND HUSBAND is suspense at its most addictive. The pages turn in a blur. You won’t put this one down.”

— Michele Campbell, internationally bestselling author of It’s Always the Husband

“This thoroughly involving psychological thriller promises a startling conclusion and delivers it.”

— Booklist

Praise for THE FIANCÉE: "A tense, simmering, fast-paced mystery, Kate White’s latest captivating thriller explores the secrets that lurk just under the surface of a picture-perfect façade. I raced through this story about a close-knit family’s annual gathering at an idyllic estate that quickly turns deadly. THE FIANCÉE kept me guessing until the very end, never sure who to trust—or where the danger was hiding."

— Megan Miranda

“Kate White’s newest thriller The Fiancée is a perfect poolside or beach read, as this psychological thriller has everything a great summer read needs! Told in an almost locked-room style, as we are secluded at a wealthy family’s sprawling estate, this mystery looks at what appears to be a picture-perfect family. . . . the constant threatening feeling in the air propels this psychological thriller to a truly surprising climax.”

— Nerd Daily

“A twisty family drama.”

— Library Journal

“A skillfully constructed page-turner. . . .Expert pacing, characters readers can love to hate, and an intelligent heroine make this a winner. White consistently entertains.”

— Publishers Weekly

"Kate White’s THE FIANCÉE is exactly what we all need right now: a fast-paced, perfectly woven murder mystery, with a hearty dash of family drama. This one must not be missed!"

— Aimee Molloy

My Review

Kate White's latest domestic suspense, THE SECOND HUSBAND, is a gripping twisty murder mystery involving the first husband (Derrick) and the second husband (Tom) of the protagonist, Emma.

How are they connected?

Where nothing is as it appears, Emma was in an unhappy marriage with Derrick. When he was murdered in New York on a business trip, she was not that distraught. She was a suspect. The murder was never solved.

Now she is happily married to Tom, her second husband. They have a beautiful home and two exciting careers. Now the police show up and are reopening the cold case from her first husband.

As the investigation gets underway, Emma learns of suspicious things about her new second husband and the events leading up to how they met.

She is also dealing with Tom's stepdaughter, Tom's assistant, and Derrick's brother, which still thinks she had something to do with his brother's murder.

The question arises throughout the novel, "How well do you know the ones you love?"

Emma starts second-guessing her marriage. Did Tom set up everything? Can she trust him.? Why is he lying?

With many red herrings, everyone is a suspect.

A well-written multi-layered family drama from financial, art theft, greed, and murder will keep you gripped to the pages while all the secrets, lies, and deception are slowly unraveled.

AUDIOBOOK: I purchased the audiobook (Harper Audio) and narrator Leslie Howard delivered an absorbing and entertaining listening experience.

Fans of Kimberly Belle and BA. Paris will enjoy this one!

@JudithDCollins | #JDCMustReadBooks

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5 Stars

Pub Date: June 28, 2022

About the Author

Kate White is the New York Times bestselling author of sixteen novels of suspense: eight standalone psychological thrillers, including The Second Husband (June ’22), and eight Bailey Weggins mysteries.

For fourteen years Kate served as the editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan, which under her became the most successful magazine in single copy sales in the U.S. Though she loved her magazine career, she decided to leave nine years ago to concentrate full-time on another passion: writing suspense fiction.

She has been nominated for many awards in her media career, including an International Thriller Writers award. Her first mystery, If Looks Could Kill, was a Kelly Ripa Book Club pick and #1 bestseller on Amazon. She has been published in countries around the world.

Like many female mystery authors, Kate fell in love with the genre after reading her first Nancy Drew book, in her case The Secret of Redgate Farm.

Kate is a frequent speaker at libraries, book conferences and organizations, and has also appeared on many television shows, including The Today Show, CBS This Morning, and Good Morning America.

She is also the editor of the Mystery Writers of America Cookbook, as well as the author of several popular career books, including I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This: How to Ask for the Money, Snag the Promotion, and Create the Career You Deserve, and the ground-breaking Wall Street Journal bestseller, Why Good Girls Don’t Get Ahead but Gutsy Girls Do.

Kate, who is married and the mother of two children, divides her time between New York City and Las Flores, Uruguay. WEBSITE







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