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Top 10 Books of 2022 Thus Far: Mid-Year List

I LOVE LISTS! I am a Virgo and we demand organization. I must have them in order to keep organized and sane.

YTD as of today, (7/18) I have read 135 Books in 2022 📚 Since we are halfway through the year wanted to highlight my TOP 10 BOOKS OF THE YEAR, thus far.

These are my top favorites. There are so many good ones and a lot of 5 starred ones so difficult to choose only 10. I have included the link to the review for your reference.

Here I picked a variety with top in each category: Thriller, suspense, psychological thriller, crime thriller, legal thriller, domestic suspense, murder thriller, best character series, women's fiction, humor, debut novel, LGBTQ+, literary, southern, historical, Black & African, beach read, small town rural, family drama, etc. In no certain order.

NOTE: The list is complied from books read Jan 1-July 12, 2022 only and published/released during this time period. ARCs and books read which will be released after this date will be included in the Top 10 Books at Year-end.

Best character Frankie Elkin, crime/cop procedural suspense

Best domestic suspense thriller, rural, kidnapping

Best murder thriller, literary fiction, best revenge plot

Best action thriller - Financial/dark money

Best new spin-off legal/crime series | Nicole Long

Best debut, LGBTQ+, humor

Best southern fiction, family life, women’s domestic life, historical

Best historical fiction, women’s fiction, contemporary

Best beach read, small town rural, mothers/children, nostalgia

Best Black & African American Historical Fiction

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