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  • Writer's pictureJudith D Collins

Ward D

Narrator: Leslie Howard

Publisher: Dreamscape Media

ISBN: 979-8386054502

Publication Date: 05/09/2023

Format: e-book

My Rating: 5 Stars

Medical student Amy Brenner is spending the night on a locked psychiatric ward.

Amy has been dreading her evening working on Ward D, the hospital’s inpatient mental health unit. There are very specific reasons why she never wanted to do this required overnight rotation. Reasons nobody can ever find out.

And as the hours tick by, Amy grows increasingly convinced something terrible is happening within these tightly secured walls. When patients and staff start to vanish without a trace, it becomes clear that everyone on the unit is in grave danger.

Amy’s worst nightmare was spending the night on Ward D.

And now she might never escape.

My Review

The queen of thrills, Freida McFadden returns following The Housemaid's Secret with her latest gripping medical thriller, WARD D —a medical student is assigned to spend the night in a locked psychiatric ward. Nothing can prepare her for the nightmare that awaits.

Another well-crafted psychological thriller in which the torments of the past return to wreak havoc in the present.

Medical student Amy Brenner has been assigned to overnight call on the primary locked psychiatric unit, Ward D. She cannot tell Dr. Sleepy why she cannot sleep because she is terrified of Ward D.

The last time she visited Ward D was a decade ago. The person told her she should be the one locked up.

Flashback to eight years earlier alternating with the present—we learn of Amy's friendship with Jade. Jade is raised by a single mother who is on drugs most of the time, and Jade runs wild. She tried to kill someone once, and Amy went to the authorities.

Now Jade is in Ward D, and Amy is not looking forward to being locked up in a psych ward. What if she cannot get out?

She tells herself everything will be fine, but it appears something more sinister is at play after she is in the locked facility for a few hours.

Amy's worst nightmares come to life. Terrifying! Anything and everything happens during the night in Ward D. Everything is out of control, but who is controlling the narrative?

How will Amy escape? Whom can she trust? When nothing or no one is as they appear.

A twisty, chilling locked-room thriller of vengeance, secrets, obsession, revenge, justice, and one woman's dark past. A well-crafted psychological/medical thriller.

WARD D reminds me a little of THE LOST GIRLS OF WILLOWBROOK (loved, even though it is based on a true story); some of the parts are reminiscent of Ward D, especially the reporter, patients, and the locked room part.

Frightening, a darkly thrilling tale of survival and obsession. McFadden never disappoints. Fans of Freida's THE INMATE will enjoy this one. As always, she entertains! Do not take this one too seriously—it is fiction.

I purchased the e-book and the audiobook narrated by Leslie Howard for a highly entertaining performance.

@JudithDCollins | #JDCMustReadBooks

Pub Date: May 8, 2023

About the Author

#1 Amazon, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Publisher's Weekly bestselling author Freida McFadden is a practicing physician specializing in brain injury who has penned multiple bestselling psychological thrillers and medical humor novels. Freida’s work has been selected as one of Amazon Editors’ best books of the year and she has been a Goodreads Choice Award and International Thriller Writers Award nominee. Her novels have been translated into over 30 languages.

Freida lives with her family and black cat in a centuries-old three-story home overlooking the ocean, with staircases that creak and moan with each step, and nobody could hear you if you scream. Unless you scream really loudly, maybe.

To hear Freida talk more about herself in the third person, visit her WEBSITE.







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