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  • Writer's pictureJudith D Collins

The Doctor's Mistress

Series: Doctor's Wife #3

Narrators: Luke R. Francis, Sarah Durham

Bookouture Audio


Publisher: Bookouture

Publication Date: 12/06/2023

Format: e-book

My Rating: 5 Stars (ARC)

The wife. The mistress.

Who will get their revenge?

I was the other woman. The mistress. Everyone blamed Doctor Drew Devlin’s death on me. And I’ve paid the price for loving the wrong man.

Now, I have dark circles under my eyes because I can’t sleep at night. I lost everything – friends, family, my home and even my freedom. Drew’s devious wife Fern tore my whole world apart. And she thinks she’s got away with murder.

But she’s wrong. It’s time for revenge. For myself… and for my baby.

Her new life on the windswept Cornish coast is about to come crashing down around her. I’m determined for everyone to find out the true story. Because now it’s not just my life in danger, I’ve got to protect the doctor’s daughter too.

I know Fern will expect me to come after her – I’m certain she will have her own plan in place to stop me. After all, she’s duped so many people before.

But then again, Fern always did underestimate me. And by the time she realises, it’ll be far too late for the doctor’s wife…

An absolutely addictive psychological thriller with twist after twist from the number one bestselling author of The Doctor’s Wife. If you loved Behind Closed Doors, Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train then The Doctor’s Mistress will keep you reading long into the night!




My Review

Daniel Hurst, the king of thrills, returns following THE DOCTOR'S WIFE (#1), and THE DOCTOR'S WIDOW (#2), with THE DOCTOR'S MISTRESS (#3) — my favorite of the three, a gripping followup when the Mistress is obsessed with tracking down the Widow for revenge —to make her pay for having set her up for murder. Presently, both women have babies, which adds to the complexity. Then we have a few more characters involved... Will motherhood win out in the end? Daniel, Please, a #4, THE DOCTOR'S DAUGHTER! I would love to see how this works out! Can you imagine?! Picking up from the previous books, Fern (Dr. Drew's wife/widow) has escaped all the murders and the police. She is hiding out in Cornwall, but of course, not the finest part because she is living under the radar with little money and changed her appearance. She is slumming it, unlike her previous life of glamour. In the previous books, we all despised Fern (wife/widow) and felt sorry for Alice (mistress). However, in THE DOCTOR'S MISTRESS, the tables are turned. Fern turns out to be the nice one, a loving mother, and Alice is so driven by revenge after being set up for murder and spending time in prison, she has no time, love, or patience for a baby or Tomlin. (the detective) Poor Tomlin (the cop who arrested Alice) has now fallen for her, and they are in a relationship. Pretty much one-sided. He loves the little girl and thinks if he can find Fern, Alice will be happy. The poor man is the one working and taking care of the baby, while Alice goes off impulsively like a wild woman. She has no bond with the little girl. Fern and Alice both have baby girls. Fern's baby is not Drew's (but Greg's), Drew's friend whom she murdered when he was getting too close to the truth. He was pretending to love her. Alice (has Drew's baby girl).

Told from POVs: Alice, Fern, and Tomlin, we get an action-packed scene at the beginning where someone's baby has been taken—but at this point, we do not know which one. This wraps up nicely at the end, where we find out. Fern: Cornwall: Daughter: Cecilia. She has papers and documents and is going by another name. Funny story about how she got them. I will hand it to Fern; she is resourceful and a survivor. Then she has the horrible landlord and the crazy Victoria neighbor. (some funny scenes) Note: never transfer money in someone else's name! Even though Fern is a murderer, she is a lot of fun in this installment. Looking forward to seeing how Pierre turns out. Alice: Arberness: Daughter: Evelyn. Now out of prison and living with Tomlin, she is selfish and self-centered, thinking of no one but herself (until the end). She is getting nowhere with her PI, but little does she know Tomlin has hired a PI, and they have picked up a trail for Fern. The baby reminds her of Drew whom she had an affair.

But when they pick up Fern's trail, she does not want to go to the cops, she wants to handle it herself and no place for a baby. What will Alice do? I was losing all patience with Alice and her revenge obsession and enjoyed Fern's connection with her daughter the most. The showdown scene was well done, and I commend the author for writing it this way! Poor Tomlin cannot catch a break! When two mothers are pushed to the brim, you will be shocked at the twist of events when they put their babies first. I enjoyed the Epilogue (5 years later), and the book wraps up nicely, but I hope this is not the end. I want to hear more from Fern and would like for the two baby girls to meet one another as teens. This would make for a juicy tale as THE DOCTOR'S DAUGHTER. I was fortunate to have the e-book and the audiobook narrated by Luke R. Francis and Sarah Durham for a spine-chilling, action-packed, addictive performance! I highly recommend reading the other two books prior to THE DOCTOR'S MISTRESS. A wicked, fun game of cat-and-mouse thriller and a nice catchup with the characters. My favorite of the series! Thanks to Bookouture for an ARC and ALC advanced review copy. @JudithDCollins | #JDCMustReadBooks Pub Date: Dec 6, 2023 My Rating: 5 Stars Dec 2023 Must-Read Books Dec Newsletter

About the Author

Daniel Hurst is an Amazon #1 bestselling author of fast paced psychological thrillers. His most popular titles include Til Death Do Us Part, The Passenger and The Doctor's Wife, the latter title reaching #1 on the Amazon UK Kindle store in February 2023. A regular KDP Select All Star since he became a full-time author in 2021, Daniel prides himself on writing fast, releasing stories often and engaging with his readers.

You can visit him at, where you can also download a copy of his FREE thriller 'Just One Second.'



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